Random Friday memory 22 – Beethoven in Minnamurra

In 1970 I was teaching at Dapto High School. A younger colleague, Paul K, rented a house at Minnamurra, just north of Kiama. A delightful place then. The house was right on the river, roughly where the following much more recent photo indicates:


Of course there were fewer houses then.


The ocean beach was just across the river. Many a party happened in that house as Paul K was most hospitable.

So hospitable that the house was usually left open, even when no-one was around. One day I drove down there with a newly purchased copy of Beethoven’s Ninth. Perhaps I’d got it for my 27th birthday. No-one was home, so I let myself in. A storm was coming up as I placed the record on the turntable and turned up the volume. Magical!