Random Friday memory 21 – wind-up gramophone

This is a very early memory, back to the 1940s, perhaps even 1945-6, in Auburn Street Sutherland:


In which case that baby must be my cousin Helen (b. 1946), who coincidentally now also lives in Wollongong. I am on the left, my sister with the plaits, and the person on the far left is my brother Ian. See also Auburn Street Sutherland again–worth double posting, Fragments from Auburn Street 60-70 years ago — 1 and the rest of that series.

I recall that in the war years and just after, before my Christison grandparents moved from Auburn Street to Waratah Street, there were beds on the side veranda accommodating my brother and, I think, my Uncle Roy in a sleep-out. There was an old wind-up gramophone there too, I seem to remember, and a banjo-mandolin my brother would play. I don’t recall the gramophone precisely, but think it may have been like this. The HMV logo seems right too.


I recall two tunes from the time: