Sunset (no evening star)…

Well, not yet anyway. Later both Venus and Jupiter may be seen, clouds permitting. This was taken through my window (and flyscreen) yesterday evening, which was rather cold. I also had a cold, first one for ages. It is better this morning.


They do tell us some extraordinary weather is on its way.

I could have blogged about this strange creature, not originally a native of this country:


But I suspect you wouldn’t believe how feral he has been lately…* So I just hope he goes away. Many Australians agree with me, it seems. Trouble is there is little alternative.


*Here is this Sunday morning’s Abbotism:

EXCLUSIVE: Tony Abbott has been warned he is putting international investment at risk after ordering the $10 billion Clean Energy Finance Corporation not to finance new wind power projects.

He much prefers an open-cut coal mine in one of the premier food-producing areas of NSW.