Half 2015 has gone!

Good heavens! First, here is slightly wintry West Wollongong yesterday around 3.30 pm.



Second, a note on #QandA, Zaky Mallah, and the recent attacks on the ABC. See just how feral the Murdoch tabloids and the Australian have been by looking at the excellent summary of all the week’s hysterics in MediaWatch. On #QandA last night it was rather a treat to see a particularly portentous Paul Kelly – the journalist, not the singer – trying to wriggle out of the fact that his newspaper gave glowing praise to Zaky Mallah in a 2012 feature: “Counter-terrorism expert Anne Aly, also a panellist, said it appeared Mr Mallah was ‘good enough for your paper, but he’s not good enough for Q&A’.” Anne Aly was especially sane last night. See her Brothers, believers and brave mujahideen: how to counter the lure of Islamic State propaganda. I hope our government is taking notice.

I am also chuffed that as an outsider (and something of a genius) Lawrence Krauss, Theoretical Physicist & Cosmologist, thought exactly as I did: that Mr Ciobo’s answer to Zaky Mallah’s question last week had been downright silly. That, in my opinion, is where that now famous #QandA went off the rails.

Postscript: See Chris Graham, What Have We Learned From Zaky Mallah? That News Corp Is Hypocritical And Q&A Thinks We’re All Stupid and its comment thread.

As of midnight last night, there had been 473 print or online stories, comments and letters published on Zaky Mallah since 2005, when he first came to public prominence after being falsely accused of planning a terrorist act.

Of those stories, 339 were written in the past week, after his appearance on Q&A. That still leaves 134 stories written before he became ‘media persona non grata’. Clearly, news organisations have found something quite compelling about Mallah for some time. A decade, in fact.

Would anyone like to guess which major media organisation published the least stories on Mallah before his Q&A appearance? The ABC, with 12 stories.

Fairfax came in next, with 24, followed closely by AAP, with 30.

I think you can see where this is heading… the news outlet that gave the most prominence to the views of Zaky Mallah prior to his appearance on Q&A was none other than News Corporation, with a total of 40 stories.

Indeed, during one period – May 2011 to January 2013 – a total of 12 news stories were published on Mallah, and every single one of them was by a News Corporation outlet.

And can you guess which News Corp masthead published the most stories about Mallah?

The Australian, with 17 – almost half the News Corp total.

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