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Floating Life has entries going back to 2005 because it includes posts captured from Blogspot. There are 2,112 posts and 22 pages. The latest entry was in December 2009. There have been 259,606 views to date. The most viewed posts and pages are:

  1. Home page / Archives 61,141 views to the present
  2. How good is your English? Test and Answers 15,690
  3. Australian poem: 2008 series #9 — A B Paterson “The Angel’s Kiss” 11,613
  4. Australian poem 2008 series #17: “Australia” — A D Hope 7,848
  5. Australian poem: 2008 series #8 — Indigenous poetry 6,498
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  11. Delia Malchert – Migraine Aura – Scintillating Scotoma 3,141
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  20. SBS “First Australians” Episode 3: Coranderrk Aboriginal Station 1,574

I used to annoy people by constantly changing templates!

Just site news

25 MAY 2009

So you see I have been decorating again! 😉 The photoblog looks like this in the latest Firefox:


When I checked in IE8 earlier today I noticed the masthead was just NEIL’S MODEST PHOTO with BLOG dropping under. However, opening IE8 again I found good rendering:


On Firefox the re-opened Blogspot site looks like this:


That’s OK, I think. Do you agree? I changed, by the way, because Journalspace worries me. It disappears from time to time with no warning or explanation, and quite a few users have gone elsewhere, so I thought it wise to bail out. For the time being Ninglun on Journalspace remains online but will shrink to a mere redirect when I have taken what I want from it to Blogspot.

I am in green mode…

English/ESL stays as it was.

Marcel and the pilgrims, and other reflections…

14 JUL 2008

In Beaudelaire « Stumbling on melons Marcel reports from the Opera House:

There were some signs of World Youth Day pilgrims about the place: one almost knocked my coffee from my hands with his little red backpack (a group had wandered into the foyer at interval wanting to look around – where’s security when you need it?). The forecourt was full of catering and other furniture being readied for the pope’s arrival, and we were for no very good reason rather officiously and without any apology or or explanation prevented from leaving by the exits on the level of the front foyer (I say for no good reason because the exit opposite the box office remained open).

Meanwhile conspiracy buffs, fans of The Da Vinci Code, and indeed anyone quite rightly critical of the trend of the present Pontiff in certain areas, not to mention some of the circus-like aspects of WYD, those “annoyance” laws, or the cost to the state, will be struck by the fact that he has holed up for the moment at an Opus Dei mansion on the outskirts of Sydney where, apparently, he can play Mozart to his heart’s content.

I spotted a few pilgrims myself yesterday, none of them actually inside Pitt Street Uniting Church between 2.30 and 4.30pm… But there were nuns catching buses as I came home, and others with those little red back packs here and there. I guess we shall see more of them.

Sirdan and I continued the Lebanese theme by dining at the more downmarket Abdul’s yesterday for our Sunday lunch. We had been upmarket last Sunday, as you may recall — but Sirdan can afford most things these days. The banquet was just as generous, but half the price — actually closer to one third the price. Yes, the upmarket has the edge in some dishes, but Sirdan declared himself satisfied with Abdul’s.

Next Sunday in the midst of WYD mania we propose to eat at Chinese Whisper, which will involve braving the pilgrimage route.

With Sirdan and his mum at the Chinese Whisper again…

09 NOV 2008

…where Simon H joined us, and we solved the mystery of the Chinese Whisper’s recipe for batter on their excellent fried bananas. Sirdan and his mum, who is here from South Africa, are off to Perth on Wednesday for a further family get-together. So no Sunday lunches this end for a couple of weeks.

We ate at Chinese Whisper last week, as you may recall.

sun02 003

After that I went on another South Sydney Herald mission to photograph empty shops in Oxford Street. I did get distracted…

sun09 062

Though that was in Bourke Street on the way home. I had just dropped in to the new Beresford, just to check it out, where I ran into James O’Brien and The Other Andrew, and earlier I had seen The Empress and Kiwi Nick, who is very happy, and a few others I haven’t seen for ages. Some of that you can see at Surry Hills 90: Bourke Street and The Beresford and Surry Hills 91: Oxford Street, back down Bourke, and home… on Ninglun’s Specials.

Nice afternoon. 🙂