Funeral for a friend, family, Thorpe

Yesterday was Bruce Johnson’s funeral at St Marks West Wollongong.


Quite a large church, as you can see: Bruce was a popular man – the place was packed.


Tomorrow his surfer mates will be scattering his ashes here at North Beach/Puckeys.

At the funeral I unexpectedly found a family link. Prayers were led at one point by Jean Whitfield of St Marks Church. That made me do a double-take as that was my mother’s name. Turns out this Jean Whitfield is part of our Whitfields, the ones descended from Jacob the convict. We had quite a long talk about it after the funeral over tea and coffee in the church hall.

Last night I watched Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery.


Ian Thorpe and Julia Zemiro at North Cronulla

Bruce Johnson in his young days had been a surfer; later in life he had to have a shoulder replacement. He told me all about it. Turns out Ian Thorpe has had the same done recently.

Julia’s first guest on this series is Ian Thorpe. Ian reveals that he has just undergone a shoulder replacement, and sadly, may never swim again. However he is determined to try.