Old Shellharbour 2

“Shellharbour was still a village” – by which I mean really a village.


That aerial view was taken around the time my parents were married. You can see the harbour on the right, the main street, Addison, running from left of the picture down to the harbour, with just a scattering of houses and shops. The main cross street, Mary Street, heads north towards Lake Illawarra. Just up from the intersection with Addison Street is the school where my maternal grandfather, Roy Christison, was headmaster in the early to mid 1930s. I accompanied him to the centenary of Shellharbour Public School in 1959. I can just make out my grandfather Tom Whitfield’s house in Addison Street. Mostly, wherever one looked, was dairy farms as far as the eye could see.

Very different today:

Screenshot - 24_06_2015 , 9_13_11 AM

Down near the harbour is the pool.


I certainly would have been there close to the time that was taken, but being 6 or 7 a bit young to sit on the wall like that.