Crown Street Mall — Tutti in Piazza

When I posted some pictures of Saturday in Crown Street Mall on 25th May KVD commented: “And by the way – not many people about when you took these latest pics.” I replied: “Yes, many of the traders at the eastern end of the Mall are finding business hard. There are more people in the area between Church and Keira Streets, near the new GPT building.”

Even more so yesterday when I took these in the Mall between Keira Street and Church Street.




Despite it being a rather grey day…

Of course there was something happening:

Crown Street Mall will be hosting the 17th annual ‘Tutti in Piazza’ a showcase of Italian talent and displays to entertain shoppers and celebrate Italian culture as a celebration of Italian Week. Crown Street Mall will be turned into an Italian Piazza on Saturday the 4th of June from 9:00am – 4:00pm. There will be the opportunity for people to sample authentic food prepared by the local Italo-Australian Association originating from the various regions of Italy…

Meanwhile it’s the end of the month again

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