Saturday in The Gong: Mall

Here’s how the eastern end of Crown Street Mall looks these days.




Compare August 26, 2014, September 25, 2011, August 16, 2011 and August 15, 2011.


2 thoughts on “Saturday in The Gong: Mall

  1. Neil, have followed your documenting of the mall with interest, but can you tell me one thing please? There used to a large “water feature” if I remember in the middle of the mall, with close by seating – has that been removed? And by the way – not many people about when you took these latest pics.

    Also, thanks for the history of the Janalli area. Have a brother living there, and used also to regularly park my car either there or Sutherland and train it into the city whenever I couldn’t face the traffic.

  2. Yes, many of the traders at the eastern end of the Mall are finding business hard. There are more people in the area between Church and Keira Streets, near the new GPT building. That water feature has gone. If you look at August 15, 2011 linked in the post, you will see it — some of my better photos too.

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