Saturday in The Gong: Fuku and journos

My friend Chris T is a chef by trade, and much more travelled than most. He was very dubious about Fuku’s ramen, claiming never to have had a really good ramen outside Japan.

Fuku? Yes, I know: as this review explains.

This new japanese restaurant has a very naughty name. Only japanese knows how to say it – ‘FooKoo’ – means best luck. The food there is amazing! Lots of choices and well priced!

It was our second go at Fuku actually: “Fuku on Crown is inspired by the best of authentic Japanese and Chinese cuisine creating a vibrant and unique Asian fusion blend balanced with a relaxing modern atmosphere.” Last time we had this:


Bean curd crusted with dried bonito flakes

I was dubious about that, but it was excellent. On the other hand the Peking Duck on that day was far from authentic – our only disappointment so far. So I said, “Next time let’s try the ramen.”  As I said, Chris T demurred somewhat. I ordered the spicy beef udon noodles, Chris the pork ramen. Price? Under $9 each for a full serve—and frankly I couldn’t finish mine. These aren’t from Fuku, but very similar:


Chris T’s verdict? “Excellent! The best ramen I have ever had outside Japan!”

Here is another dish a bit like what I had, and this one is from Fuku:


We’ll be back!

On my way up Crown Street Mall towards Diggers in Church Street I saw a very orderly rally:


Protesting the cuts announced to Fairfax papers, in particular The Illawarra Mercury. See ABC Local News Mercury staff prepare to fight ‘crazy’ job cuts.

Staff at the Illawarra Mercury say it’s time for the community to voice their support for their local paper as they hope to save jobs in Fairfax’s latest round of cuts that could see half their editorial staff made redundant.

The Mercury‘s Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance house committee president Andy Zakeli says his own job as a photographer could be lost as he battles to save staff working at the regional newspaper….

Union sources have told the ABC five photographers would be lost from the Mercury and Wollongong Advertiser, and full-time news and sport reporter positions would be reduced from 21 to 14.

The newspaper’s staff are no strangers to job cuts, having mounted two high profile campaigns against redundancies in the last two years – the first relating to sub-editing jobs being lost to New Zealand contractors, and the second relating to photographer cuts.

This latest round of redundancies could prove the most noticeable blow yet…