May 2007 recycles

I don’t believe it! Is it really eight years since I wrote these?


Lord Malcolm’s 50th birthday

24 MAY 2007

…is actually tomorrow. I reported earlier that it is today, but I was wrong. This week is a special one at the hospice, and tomorrow they are having a jazz concert featuring Kerry Biddell. Lord M is a great jazz fan, one of his close friends being John Morrison. While this concert is not being turned on just for Lord M, he is hoping they can wheel him down to the day room to see the show. Whatever, he is likely to hear it, assuming he is awake.
His condition is as it was. See pics from the end of April.

He did hear the jazz

25 MAY 2007

… and says it was good. I haven’t gone over to the hospice today as I have a bit of a cold. Nothing serious, but you don’t knowingly take colds to someone in Malcolm’s circumstances, not to mention others who are there. But he has at least made his 50th.

Living near the Belvoir Theatre

26 MAY 2007

armfieldrush.jpg…as I do has its interest, not that I can afford to patronise the theatre all that often, even on Seniors Rates, and technically I do not yet qualify for the special unwaged freebies they regularly offer. The next play there, however, is one I would dearly love to see: Exit the King by Eugene Ionesco. Today’s Sydney Morning Herald has a feature on director Neil Armfield and star Geoffrey Rush, both of whom may sometimes be spied upon from my kitchen window.

…”I believe this is Ionesco’s subtle tribute to Shakespeare,” Armfield says. “This is the kingly Shakespearean play you get to do that is not Shakespearean. It’s got all the echoes of that, but in a much more strident theatrical way.

“Maybe this is Geoffrey’s Lear.”

Is it? Is this why he has longed to do Ionesco’s strange, great play?

“It just smelt good, you know?” Rush says.

Lately there have been a number of lively but slightly scruffy teenagers sitting smoking on my very rough street flower bed, the one without flowers… I did wonder who they were, but a story not online in the Herald today makes it plain. I did after all hear someone come out of the Belvoir offices yesterday to call them in for “another rehearsal.” Oh, I thought to myself, they must look like that because they are dressed for some play or other. Turns out they are from Father Chris Riley’s Youth off the Streets (Surry Hills branch) and are indeed putting on a play. And that is my slightly perverse contribution to today’s “National Secularism Day”. 😉

This may well be me…

25 MAY 2007

A few years back SBHS had a bit of an archive exhibition; imagine my surprise when I looked at an exhibit on the school gym in the 1950s, looked again, and realised the person on the right may well be me! I put this up on Diary-X a while back; fortunately despite computer failures there and here I have saved certain incriminating files, so in response to Marcel’s ballet picture I offer the most reluctant gymnast of 1958-9.