Random Friday memory 12 – the radiogram

Since Mother’s Day is this weekend, here is one of my mother’s (1911-1996) favourites:

Played many a time on our Astor radiogram – totally Australian-made. It had a 78rpm turntable only, plus a roller dial (unusual) which included a short wave tuner. I last saw it in our sunroom in Kirrawee around 1958, by when a 78-only was a bit of an embarrassment. Furthermore a TV, also an Astor, had supplanted it in the sitting room by then.

I did use the short wave reception to hear the pings from Sputnik 1 in 1957!

I remember the radiogram particularly 1952-1955 in Vermont Street Sutherland. Apart from playing my few own records (“Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd” for example) I was rather the resident DJ particularly in 1952-4. We must have had the radiogram before that in Auburn Street, as it seems to have been a 1949 model.



The Australian Women’s Weekly Saturday 16 April 1949

My dad used to love this:

My brother favoured other sounds: