Whitfield family history contact

I have had emails recently from Tahmoor historian Frank Baker. He included this photo and note:

1651 W J J Whitfields saw mill in Tahmoor1

1652 photo 4a

That is William Joseph John Whitfield’s sawmill. See Neil’s personal decades: 15 – 1895 — Whitfields and Neil’s personal decades: 16 – 1880s and 90s – Whitfields again.

18 August 1894

Sure looks like [William Joseph John Whitfield’s]  business is going down the tubes. According to Australian biographical and genealogical record series 1, 1788-1841, with series 2 supplement, 1842-1899 / series 1 edited by John T. Spurway, assistant editor Allison Allen; series 2 edited by Kenneth J. Cable and Jane C. Marchant his Bluegum Saw Mill in the early 1890s employed 34 men. WJJ “during the Great Depression of 1893 … supplied timber for the building of Catholic Schools and piles for the construction of Sydney wharves.” I wonder, oh irony, if Bluegum Lifestyle Resort is anywhere near old William Joseph John’s mill?

A detail from the photo Frank Baker sent:

1651 W J J Whitfields saw mill in Tahmoor2

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