Bargain eats in The Gong, and that tea from China…

Yes, the Jin Jun Mei got its first tasting on Saturday, shared with Persian Danny and Chris T at Steelers, where they are still doing this:


Sometimes this has been very good, but sometimes very ordinary. Saturday was rather ordinary. But not the tea: it lived up to all its $2,000 a kilo expectations! (See Wollongong to Surry Hills, Shanghai and tea.) Meanwhile a $5 meal is a great bargain, whatever. But we will be very happy when the renovations that have caused the bargain finish, and the Red Dragon restores its excellent (if more expensive) authentic menu. You’d think though that a $5 nosh-up would have people clamouring to get some, but it doesn’t seem to have done so.

Meanwhile, to judge from last Monday, City Diggers’ Marc Chiaruttini seems to be doing something right. The photos don’t quite capture how crowded the place was!



That’s looking towards the kitchen from my table, and looking back towards the cafe. The reason?

  • Mondays$10 / 2 course menu. Available only with a $3 purchase at the Bar. Value plus!

Mine was roast lamb and apple pie:



And very good too! All for $10!