NBN, election, great feed

These boxes are now appearing here at The Bates Motel.


Yes, the National Broadband Network!

Meanwhile it has turned out that my prediction 11 days ago in Mindless reaction trumped by decency? And our next state member… has proved wrong.  But the other part of that post proved a winner.

Yesterday in the spirit of Wollongong’s #illeatwithyou hashtag aims to eradicate Islamophobia Chris T and I had an excellent (halal) lunch at Samaras.


There’s an extract from the menu. We had a side of the best baba ganoush ever, and then shared a Lebanese Mixed Platter for one. Yes, for one! And even then we barely coped. The food is as good as anything I ever had back in Little Lebanon in Surry Hills, and Chris, who is a chef by trade, got a quick lesson on how to make perfect baba ganoush.

The staff were great and the place was doing a roaring trade.

samara image

Those are rather bigger than our mixed plate!

Wollongong is rather spoilt as we also have another great Lebanese/Mediterranean place in Chargoal, just down from the Steelers Club in Harbour Street, directly beneath WIN Stadium.


In Chargoal

Chris T and I lunched there a few weeks ago.