Amazing sights

The talk of Wollongong has been yesterday morning’s arrival at our small local airfield of the Qantas 747 Jumbo “City of Canberra.” I missed it, by the way; slept too late.

Spending 25 hours in a $30 million flight simulator prepared four Qantas pilots for the trickiest landing the VH-OJA ever made.

But what it didn’t prepare them for was the overwhelmingly enthusiastic welcome they received as they piloted the 747-400 to its new home at the Illawarra Regional Airport.

“The things you can’t simulate are the crowds we could see on every vantage point,” said Ossie Miller, the captain of the Qantas 747 fleet…

The record breaking aircraft has been donated to the Historic Aircraft Restoration Society and is being touted as having a future as one of the region’s great tourist attractions.

Captain Greg Matthews – the pilot in command of the 15 minute flight from Mascot to the Albion Park Rail airport – said the flight and landing at the small airport went according to plan…

It will be in display as a permanent part of the excellent aircraft collection down there. I gather that while it landed flawlessly it cannot take off again. The strip is too short.

Last night SBS broadcast its coverage of Saturday night’s Mardi Gras Parade in Sydney – very well done.

In case Fred Nile wondered where the police went:


Not to mention a sizeable representation from our Defence Forces: