Pacemakers and tricks of memory

My cousin’s husband is having his pacemaker battery replaced tomorrow – that’s the cousin I spent Christmas with. Didn’t even know he had a pacemaker.

Meanwhile last week Diggers Club friend Neville P had a pacemaker implanted. I didn’t realise what a quick procedure it is these days. Neville was warned – he is the same age as the Queen – that the battery will need replacing in eleven years: when he turns 100!

In Diggers December 2014

Speaking of Diggers:

The award winning Zac’s Cafe / Restaurant is now under the leadership of our new Caterer, Marc Chiaruttini. Zac’s Café & Restaurant offers modern club cuisine in a friendly & welcoming atmosphere, right in the heart of the Wollongong CBD.

Open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner, Zac’s Restaurant’s menu includes succulent steak, mouth-watering schnitzel & the ever popular fish & chips. To keep our many regular customers happy, we have constantly changing blackboard specials…

Specials >

  • Sunday Roast – 3 courses $20, 2 courses $15 or just the Roast for only $12. Limited Blackboard Menu also available. Mmm
  • Mondays – $10 / 2 course menu (see Blackboard). Available only with a $3 purchase at the Bar. Value plus
  • Tight Tuesdays – $5 Steak 200g with Chips – add extras. Available only with a $3 purchase at the Bar. WOW
  • Thursdays Parma Rama – $13 Schnitzels / 4 types and 5 different toppings to choose from. Go crazy
  • Saturday Nights – Buy 4 mains get one free. Get the lesser value meal discounted 100% – yep free!!!

On memory: on Twitter, from an ex-student:

Chris Rodley @chrisrodley


@ninglun for some reason a story you wrote and read out 20 years ago just flashed into my head. “The Road to Towradgi”. It was great!

@ninglun there was a line about date palms, I think. I just passed one which is why I thought of it.

Trouble is I have no memory of that story at all! I wish I had written it!