Tuesday, Tuesday… Or Monday….

A word first from Hans Christian Andersen, courtesy of my Gutenberg e-book collection.

THERE were once two cocks; one of them stood on a dunghill, the other on the roof. Both were conceited, but the question is, Which of the two was the more useful?

That’s “The Farmyard Cock and the Weathercock”. Then there is:

So the emperor went along in the procession, under the splendid canopy, and every one in the streets said: “How beautiful the emperor’s new clothes are! What a splendid train! And how well they fit!”

No one wanted to let it appear that he could see nothing, for that would prove him not fit for his post. None of the emperor’s clothes had been so great a success before.

“But he has nothing on!” said a little child.

“Just listen to the innocent,” said its father; and one person whispered to another what the child had said. “He has nothing on; a child says he has nothing on!”

“But he has nothing on,” cried all the people. The emperor was startled by this, for he had a suspicion that they were right. But he thought, “I must face this out to the end and go on with the procession.” So he held himself more stiffly than ever, and the chamberlains held up the train that was not there at all.

Good stuff, well worth revisiting.Which reminds me of the surprising exposure of naked politicians here in Australia.


I need hardly say much about this, except how rapid it has all been since the triggering events from Australia Day’s “Captain’s Call” through the amazing Queensland election to today. The pundits are now divided about what the outcome will be on Tuesday, but I think personally Mr Abbott has been so wounded that he will NEVER recover, even if he slides through on Tuesday.

Former Howard government minister and hard man Peter Reith, interestingly, has written well on all this a couple of times now. Today’s piece also reminds us that this is not a first by any means for the Liberal Party, nor is it a peculiarly Labor thing.

I am not a total Peter FitzSimons fan, but his opening today is apt:

Malcolm Turnbull as the new Liberal leader and Prime Minister? We will see. He has shown extraordinary discipline so far by not shouting at every interviewer who questions his loyalty to Tony Abbott: “I intend to be every bit as loyal to Tony Abbott as he was was loyal to me when I was leader of the Liberal Party.” If he does arise, I think we will mark the start of his re-ascension from as when he told an Alan Jones haranguing him to express his loyalty to Abbott: “I don’t take dictation from you, Alan.” Rah!

And it is worth remembering Jones’s words in that same interview: “Malcolm … you have no hope ever of being the leader. You’ve got to get that into your head. No hope ever.

And my grandnephew, a 20-something from The Shire:

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a Liberal supporter. But Abbott is an absolute Muppet. Bishop or Turnbull would do a FAR better job.

I wonder how widely spread that view is among Coalition supporters?  See also The Saturday Paper: Abbott burying his head in the quicksand by Paul Bongiorno.

Tony Abbott says he’s listened and he’s learned, but almost in the same breath he assures the nation, “I’m the same man now as I always have been, with I guess some strengths and some faults.” His problem is a growing number of his party room and Liberals generally have concluded his faults have swamped his strengths. Worse, if he continues as prime minister he threatens the fate of yet another state coalition government and will inevitably lead his government to defeat next year.

Victoria’s former Liberal premier Jeff Kennett says Abbott’s leadership is terminal and is calling for a spill ahead of the March election in New South Wales. He has accused Abbott of sabotaging the Liberals in two states and says he should be forced out before more damage is done. But the former university boxing champion will have none of it. He’ll have to be knocked out before he leaves the ring. He firmly believes he can turn around the appalling judgement of him by voters in a string of opinion polls. He’ll do it by better selling the same agenda but with electoral bribes thrown in. The prospect of it working is bleak…

So come Tuesday?


Well, maybe…. I see the Daily Telegraph is speculating/opining/reporting the vote will happen tomorrow.  They also suggest a deal done by which Malcolm Turnbull replaces Joe Hockey as treasurer.

We’ll see. Now to go back to Hans Christian Andersen….

UPDATE: Yes, MONDAY it is…. But not the Joe Hockey bit, it seems.