Expect the unexpected! Stunning victories/defeats!

Last night I was flipping between channels frequently as I followed both the Asian Cup Final against South Korea on ABC 1 and the Queensland Election coverage on ABC News 24. Both were quite riveting.  One outcome was always possible and fell our way after extra time.



The other I would never have imagined. While I like many expected Queensland Premier Campbell Newman could lose his seat – he did – I certainly didn’t expect the Labor Party to walk back into government – and it seems most likely they have!

Labor looks set to pull off a stunning victory in a cliffhanger Queensland election, after securing an “extraordinary”, double-digit swing that has ended the political career of Premier Campbell Newman.

Labor is on track to claim 45 or 46 of the 89 seats in the state’s parliament, after going into the poll holding only nine seats.

“My political career is over,” Mr Newman told Liberal National Party supporters as he conceded defeat in his seat.

The LNP has not conceded the overall result, but ABC election analyst Antony Green has said projections suggest “there is a Labor government coming in Queensland”


William Bowe has some interesting ideas about What happened. And yes, despite the fact this was after all a STATE election, it does have implications for Tony Abbott. It deepens the pooh he is standing in, that’s for sure. See LNP rout in Queensland ‘catastrophic’ and leaves Tony Abbott terminally wounded, federal Coalition MPs say and the latest Galaxy Poll, as reported in the Sunday Telegraph.

PRIME Minister Tony Abbott would lead the Liberal Party to a historic defeat that would deliver a primary vote of just 36 per cent and terminate the careers of more than 40 Coalition MPs if an election was held today.

In a poll that will send shock waves through the Coalition party room, support for the Abbott government has plunged to 57-43 on a two party preferred basis, according to a new Galaxy poll….


Meanwhile on this blog…

Yes, a new month! This blog was down a bit in January, though better than January 2014: 1,739 views January 2015; 1,382 views January 2014. According to Sitemeter the “Floating Life” blogs together did a bit better (3,778 page views) than December 2014 (3,502 page views).

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BTW, I just had an email from one of the Braidwood Whitfields, a descendant of the Jacob who walked from Picton. Seems to have liked the relevant family posts.