Australia Day 2015 – and Tony Abbott’s serious mental problem

Yes, I am totally serious in that. There is something absolutely fundamentally wrong with Tony Abbott’s brain. How else can you explain his hijacking Australia Day in the interests of his eccentric reactionary medieval dream? How embarrassed must the Duke of Edinburgh be? He didn’t ask for this. Just as the Northern Territory Chief Minister thought it must be April Fools Day when he heard of this little wheeze the Galah has come up with, so when I heard it first from a friend at Diggers today,  I could not believe that the Galah would do anything quite so obviously stupid and irrelevant. I thought my informant must be mistaken, surely…


That it detracts from the many excellent awards made to others today just makes the Galah’s unbelievable stupidity all the more naked.



Consider by way of contrast a true knight of our realm, the late Tom Uren. And let the contrast burn into you the utter embarrassment that is our Prime Minister in 2015.

I would much rather have Julie Bishop…

And furthermore folks, I am pretty much a monarchist these days with no burning desire to change the flag. Nor do I have any beef with that rather eccentric royal Prince Philip, not entirely the brightest in the deck perhaps.

All my posts this month pretty much have been to show how deep my roots go into the countries and culture that shape the Australia we now have. None of the people I have been referring to – my own ancestors – was especially famous, but they may well be quite representative. Far more so than that ten pound Pom Abbott!  What on earth has possessed the man to make such a foolish, foolish choice on our national day of all days.

Tones, get your head examined, mate! You really need to. I am not joking. I wondered when you became leader how your party could possibly have made that choice. I wonder even more today. I suspect some of them wonder too.

The political death of Tony Abbott dates from Australia Day 2015. Mark my words.


5 thoughts on “Australia Day 2015 – and Tony Abbott’s serious mental problem

  1. Well I dunno about that Jim – perhaps your own prejudice showing?

    I think we are well past consideration of Prince Phillip’s contributions to Australian life. I really think Mr A. has reached his level of competence – surpassed it in fact. Neil’s obvious frustration might be coloured by his left-leaning politics – I don’t know – but I can only add that his frustration in no way approaches my own.

    But if we are to reduce our evaluation of Tony Abbott’s competence to an evaluation of the DofE’s contribution to Australia, then all I can say is that we have well and truely lost the plot.

  2. Maybe, kvd, but a few points. Let’s start by agreeing that Mr Abbott made a serious error of political judgement. Let’s agree that in so doing he dragged the DofE into a political mess. Let me ask you two questions. What was wrong with Mr Abbott’s decision? What justifies (I am not talking about Neil) the sheer rudeness and indeed vitriol heaped on the DofE.

  3. What was ‘wrong’ with his decision? You answered that yourself: a serious error of judgement.

    What justifies…rudeness, vitriol…? Nothing. It seems this is what we are now reduced to. I trace this ‘vitriol’ back to Howard, maybe even Keating. Although he, at least, sometimes thought about, and declaimed ideas bigger than his mere survival.

    We have now lost that, I think.

  4. Nice that my vent (which was an expression of total incredulity that this even happened) started a bit of a conversation here. I am really just flabbergasted about the cylinders that seem to misfire from time to time in Mr A’s head. Nothing against the old Duke. There are also more appropriate and less divisive ways to honour him, surely. Like in Royal Prince Alfred Hospital named after an earlier Duke of Edinburgh, if I remember correctly. Hadn’t one of us had a go at shooting that one? Speaking of disrespect…

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