God is diminished and the Prophet traduced…

We are told the fanatics who started shooting people they didn’t like in Paris uttered the mantra Allāhu Akbar (الله أكبر), usually rendered “God is great”, and claimed to have “avenged” the Prophet. The former is very often far from sinister; depending on context it may be rather like the Lord’s Prayer. The second really does baffle me and as far as I am concerned is a MAJOR issue in the way of us getting on in this imperfect world.

Here we have a multiple murder. That’s all it is. Forget the motive.


David Pope in the Sydney Morning Herald. See People who attack cartoonists will ultimately fail.

I hadn’t realised that the real meaning – in this context – of Allāhu Akbar must be “God is impotent”. Apparently he needs the help of assorted retards to do anything. Can’t bat, can’t bowl himself apparently. If I were God I would reject the help of people like these as very bad for the reputation. Zapping ain’t what it used to be…

Cartoon D1 missed copy

(An Iranian friend just interrupted this post: “Very sad what has happened in Paris. Free Journalism is a basic of democracy.”)

At the same time be assured I will try NOT to read tomorrow’s Daily Telegraph. I shudder to think…

Kudos to Jim Belshaw who has posted:

Something of the same issues arise in the context of responses to Martin Place or the tragic events in Paris. Now I strongly support some of the responses to Paris or indeed Martin Place. This cartoon is an example. Up yours mate!

But when I read some of the stuff coming out, I want to ask well, mate, what do you want us to do? Should we in Australia ban anyone of Muslim faith coming to the country? Should we expel anybody of Muslim faith already here? No, then guide me. Yes? Well, how do we go about that?

I responded on Facebook:

Exactly, Jim Belshaw . And how, realistically, do we deal with the FACT that 23% of the world’s population profess some kind of Muslim faith? Are they ALL out to blow us up?

See my track record posting on Islam. I have been far from an Islamophobe. But tonight I have to say: