More photoposts – and a health note

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Just before Christmas I posted:

As I said on Facebook: “Chest pain: not good at my age or any age. Went to doc. Probably muscular, but ECG not unambiguous. Need to recheck 27 December… If it gets worse, I call an ambulance and go to hospital. If not, better! Whatever, I still sing the praises of our health system — thanks Gough! No matter how it has altered, it is still far better than almost any country you can name. Protect it, people!”

Yesterday I went to the doc again, having been called up by the surgery and told to come in – always a bit of a worry. As far as the heart is concerned it was all good. The ECG really showed nothing out of the ordinary and my blood pressure was good too. It was the chest X-ray that prompted the return visit. Lungs are clear, but there is enlarged heart, flattening of the diaphragm (consistent with COPD/emphysema), and “a marked kyphosis” – that is curved spine – with signs of disc disease. Old age.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a progressive lung condition marked by airway inflammation and decreased air movement. Cigarette smoking is the principal cause of COPD in developed countries. Other factors, such as occupational exposure to dust and fumes, also play a role. The signs and symptoms of COPD result from damage to your airways and lung tissue and the resultant decline in your lungs’ ability to exchange gases. A flattened diaphragm is a frequent finding on the chest x-rays of people with COPD.

Yes, the ciggies haven’t left me unmarked. But… I see today is the 28th of the month!  According to Quitnet:

  1. 1,400 days smoke-free
  2. 70,000 cigarettes not smoked.
  3. $53,162.00 saved.