Happy Christmas to all my readers

Feel free to substitute a more relevant greeting if that is needed.


That’s a view from my table at Diggers yesterday after lunch. Note the big x-ray envelope on the chair. As I said on Facebook: “Chest pain: not good at my age or any age. Went to doc. Probably muscular, but ECG not unambiguous. Need to recheck 27 December… If it gets worse, I call an ambulance and go to hospital. If not, better! Whatever, I still sing the praises of our health system — thanks Gough! No matter how it has altered, it is still far better than almost any country you can name. Protect it, people!”

OK so far. See health.

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One thought on “Happy Christmas to all my readers

  1. Neil, seasonal thoughts returned in whatever form makes you most comfortable. Thank you for many thoughtful and informative posts. Gough would have no doubt suggested that while his health care system was a wonderful thing, it was not obligatory to make more than passing use of it.

    And so I hope, with you, it goes.

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