The past twelve months – 16 – October 2014 photoposts

I recycled some favourites in the 30 October post This time in 2012 – can’t believe how time has gone!

Wollongong Harbour

There was quite a bit of wind in October: see this from my window, taken on 27 October:

And here I am in Mount Keira Road on 3 October. This also reflects one of the highlights of the month:

From 6 October I began a series with Revisiting Redfern/Waterloo – archivally — 1: “It has been a while since I was in the area in fact, so given yesterday I thought a peep back through some of my many photoblog archives would be in order.” Of course in December I did visit in reality. The last in this series was posted on 8 October. Here is one of the many images I recycled.

Redfern back lane on February 23, 2009

The new Wollongong Central Keira Street West building opened at last:

Finally, a touch of summer on 25 October:

Mount Keira Road with Flame Tree. Compare October 15, 2013.