The past twelve months – 6 – March 2014

Stored on my hard drive are copies of posts going back to 2011, thanks to Windows Live Writer. Let’s look at the list for March.

 Screenshot - 4_12_2014 , 8_30_58 AMa

Screenshot - 4_12_2014 , 8_30_58 AM

Pick pics:

Not one of mine: see Kept dry yesterday (25 March)

19 March: Greeks and food in The Gong

5 March: 7 am – on the way to Yum Yum Cafe


2 March: bought my first Saturday Paper: New paper looks good

3 March: Mardi Gras: So that was Mardi Gras! Thanks, SBS2! See also 9 March Back in the day… Oxford Street memories.

A rather amazing picture appeared recently on Lost Gay Sydney, a Facebook group.


That is Martin Place June 24 , 1978, according to the original post on Facebook, and there in the centre carrying a triangle flag is Ian Smith…

There are more pics on Can’t believe what a busy blogger I was 5 years ago! (15 March).

Lovely day – 27 March: Lunch at Steelers with long-lost cousin…

Ending the month with By train to and from Sydney.

But cattle class on the 3.22pm from Central on the way back. Standing room only in a FOUR CAR train from the get-go at Central, and the following photo is at Wollongong AFTER the train had emptied many passengers!


See New train timetable: standing room only in The Illawarra Mercury 1 November 2013. Today did have a large contingent of school children returning to various Illawarra stations after The National Young Leaders Day in Sydney. But a four car train? Absurd.


Much of my reading related to World War One, in turn leading to some family history.

8 March: Andrew Bolt’s boot-in-mouth, a new book, and a true icon of free speech

18 March: Recent reading: Thomas Keneally, Alan Monaghan, John O’Connell

22 March: One hundred years ago or thereabouts…


17 March: a lot of howling at the moon

26 March: Tony Abbott – bats in the belfry, or rat cunning? – on the revival of knights and dames. There is some family history in this post two, and a pic I rather love that looks rather like you-know-who:

Resemblance? Me? I can’t see it!

See also 30 March We all get sucked in at times…, 29 March Leunig today on Abbott’s medievalism,“ten years ago was an election year, apparently…” in a recycle on 28 March And earlier this century… and 4 March Queen Victoria, Manus Island and Crimea.