The past twelve months — 3 — January 2014

Some didn’t like this from 1 January. Looking back now….

I also noted Spring 2013: Australia’s warmest spring on record. Until 2014 that is! See Australia had hottest spring and second hottest November on record (1 December 2014).

4 January: The cicadas know…

On 5 January I posted Via ABC News 24’s wonderful One Plus One, a shining story. Jane Hutcheon’s One Plus One has truly been one of ABC’s treasures this year. This particular episode was with Punchbowl High’s principal Jihad Dib.

And then we had Persons of Interest on SBS.

8 January

Persons of Interest did not disappoint. I was particularly interested as last night’s episode centred on Roger Millis, whose Serpent’s Tooth (1984) I had read with interest some years ago. On some of the matters that came up, see:

7 January saw me nostalgic: Sixty years on – and mortality. Far earlier family history appears in 10 January’s Unexpected connections. Later follow-ups include Tangible link to the convict ship “Isabella” and the immigrant ship “Thames” and Stray stories of family and Australiana — 2.

As you may know I do from time to time visit The Illawarra Brewery, which overlooks grounds that once were the Catholic cemetery.

…Jacob Whitfield was transported to Australia 1821-22 from Cork in the convict ship Isabella 1

‘ISABELLA I’ Built 1818 at London. Wood ship of 579 Tons. She carried 200 male convicts to Sydney and had no deaths en-route. She departed Cork, Ireland on the 4th of November 1821 and arrived in Sydney on the 9th of March 1822. Master: Captain John Wallis. Surgeon: W. Price.

Jacob’s son William and his daughter Mary arrived as free settlers on the Thames in 1826. To quote family historian Robert Starling (2011):

My interest is the Irish immigration ship the Thames which brought wives and children from Cork Ireland to Sydney to unite with their husband/father who had been transported prior to 1826. The Thames was the first immigration ship to carry families direct from Ireland. My connection with the Thames is through my wife’s line. Her Grandmother was a Whitfield with her line back to Jacob Whitfield who was transported with his family immigrating on the Thames…

There is a grave in the Wollongong old Catholic cemetery:

As best as I can judge from this and this, it would appear this is someone who arrived, along with my great-great-great-great-grandfather Jacob Whitfield, on the Isabella 1 in 1822! That is the unexpected connection of my title, but there’s more! Seems there is also a connection to the Thames (1826)! That is the context for Bob Starling’s remarks above. Another contributor to that thread notes: “Mary and Catherine Smith were passengers on the “Thames” which also carried Mary and William Whitfield, children of Jacob Whitfield who had been transported on the “Isabella I” with William Smith.”

On 11 January: Pyne and his jolly like-minded duo — and the report we all can predict…

Dear me! Kept the theme going with Do ask questions…., More pieces on the perturbing Pyne Probe, and I don’t believe it!

Family history returned on 18 January:

Amazed still by the extra pieces of information about how my great-great-grandfather William (1812-1897) arrived here as a kid just turned 14 in 1826. And imagine this, citing Dr Linton, surgeon on the Thames:

James Whitfield (12) Came under the care of Surgeon 2/2/1826 died 17/2/1826 After gradually sinking died

Ann Whitfield (9) Came under care of Surgeon 22 January – died 21/3/1826 – Examination of the cadaver revealed a collapsed lung and possibly other contributing factors

And it may be his mother also died…

Elizabeth St from Lyons’ Terrace in 1842 by John Rae (1813-1900)

See also William and his tribe… (20 January), Stray stories of family and Australiana — 1 (21 January), Stray stories of family and Australiana — 2 (22 January), Stray stories of family and Australiana — 3 (23 January), Stray stories of family and Australiana — 4 (24 January), Stray stories of family and Australiana — 5 (25 January). On Australia Day I posted this collage:

Family and related images

As January came to an end I posted Three Oz greats in film and TV this week. And then there was the attack on the ABC, the end-game being played out this month of December 2014. See The Ministry of Truth is recruiting today…

…Meanwhile the Sydney Daily Telegraph – not really a newspaper any longer  by the way, as any read of the print version quickly shows: very little hard news ever graces its colourful and highly opinionated pages these days – tub-thumps disgracefully:

Tony Abbott: You can spell treachery A-B-C

There is a poll after that, and as you might expect YES is currently winning, but I am rather chuffed that 30% are saying NO to “Do you agree with Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s criticism of the ABC?” There is a follow-up story suggesting Anti-Aussie’ ABC service faces axe, meaning the Australia Network Asian Service. That would be dumb, but seeing  the history it is quite likely to happen…

And did.