The past twelve months — 2

I noted on 9 December a good season of December movies on NITV – worth revisiting, and the movies do get repeated fairly often so keep your eye on NITV.

12 December is but one of the many great times had at the Red Dragon: Wednesday lunch at Steelers. Just lately we are a bit apprehensive that the place is not doing as well as its excellent cuisine merits. We certainly would be sorry if it ever did go.

This post attracted considerable interest on 14 December: Nobel prize winner’s obituary triggers memories.

Tracking Lenny Basser led me to a former classmate, in Science at one point but more memorably in the weird Mr Levy’s French class. I had wondered what became of this lad who had come to us from Cranbrook – a decided disadvantage – little realising that he was a leading geophysicist these days! “He has been Professor of Theoretical Geophysics and Foundation Director, Institute of Theoretical Geophysics, Cambridge University, since 1989 and Fellow of King’s College, Cambridge, since 1970.” Herbert Huppert.

I have found a fascinating interview with him telling me much that I had little insight into at the time. Since this is already out there, I hope Professor Huppert won’t mind my sharing.

He didn’t. In fact some time later I had a friendly email from Professor Huppert.

I posted So beautiful I cried on 15 December. It included:

Benjamin Law’s October 11 Tweet.


Then came a series sharing which of my archived posts attracted most interest in 2013. As Christmas week approached I posted pics of Crown Street Mall. Interesting to compare these with this year.

And this was Christmas Lunch at the Red Dragon in Steelers: