Wollongong December 1951

The year the University of Wollongong was founded as a Division of the New South Wales University of Technology (now UNSW).  But that is not what this post is about.


Rather I am thinking of my Uncle George Moon, my Aunt Ella (nee Whitfield), and their friend Bessie Foskett, all living at 94 Corrimal Street Wollongong in that year – much visited by my family. And my cousin Stuart Moon, who passed away in Queensland in October 2013 after a successful career with Qantas, leaving two grandchildren. I remember him mostly for his love of classical music. In my search of The South Coast Times I came upon his 21st birthday party in December 1951. I note my mother, father, brother and sister were there but I at 8 must have been thought too young. Was I back at the house in Corrimal Street, or at home in Auburn Street Sutherland? I really don’t recall.



So I missed seeing Miss Dot Honore as Santa Claus! I’m sure I would have remembered that!