Phillip Hughes 1988-2014

So sad. It casts a shadow over the coming test series. Maybe I felt it more because he was so young, had achieved so much, yet obviously had so much more to give – and also because the SCG and St Vincent’s Hospital are so familiar to me. But I have nothing to add, except my condolences to all concerned.


I will not be posting tomorrow.

More Whitfield family history

It has been a productive year for family history on this blog. Here is a list in reverse chronological order.

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And do check the oldie but still goodie Family stories 3 — About the Whitfields: from convict days where the comment thread still keeps throwing up nuggets of information.

Yesterday in checking Trove around my father’s birthdate I found more searching The Illawarra Mercury from 1910-1919.

On Norman Harold Whitfield, my father’s cousin

This one confirms his being at Gallipoli, though he had arrived in Egypt too late for the landing.

Screenshot - 26_11_2014 , 9_37_02 AM

And this one I had not seen before: Illawarra Mercury 28 February 1919.


I had known about Rabaul. See Illawarra Mercury 14 August 1914.


My uncle, Colin Whitfield

Obviously I never knew him, nor he me, though when I was in high school I used an Algebra textbook that was in our house, inscribed with his name. This is such a sad story. I had never before seen this detailed version, though it confirms the oral accounts I have had of that dreadful tragedy back in Shellharbour in 1915. Illawarra Mercury 9 April 1915.


My grandfather and grandmother had already lost two other sons, Aubrey (1893-1906) and Thomas W (1906-1906): see my 2013 post What a treasury of family history!