Embarrassing correction needed

You see the correction to yesterday’s post? Checking further I think I may have worked out who the letter writer may really have been, but I am not sure enough to say. The one I thought it was is indeed someone who worked at Sydney University in the right area. He is also a very distinguished writer, whose work I have from time to time read. I wonder how many others made the same mistake I did when they read the letter in the Herald? In fact it was that erroneous attribution that made me take the letter seriously!

Well, error corrected I have let the letter stand. After all it is in the Herald anyway. But be aware, people, it isn’t by the best-known person of that name in OzLit circles.


Thus ended yesterday!


2 thoughts on “Embarrassing correction needed

  1. Well that’s a weird thing; I had just now finished reading a most interesting essay titled “The Smoking Vegetarian” by that earlier referenced person-who-shall-not-now-be-referenced – and came over here to thank you for the reference. But it’s up and gorn

    Would that all mis-identifications were so interesting to be pointed to!

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