Melbourne Cup and the Opal Card

Not that there is any link between the two other than they were both topics discussed around our “table of knowledge” (also quite often a “table of senior moments”) at Wollongong City Diggers.


A lunch at Diggers

One infallible way of picking the winner in the Melbourne Cup tomorrow is to look at the colours. Now it stands to reason after the Bunnies’ famous victory this year that their colours, red and green, must have some power. Thus, look to:


Yes, that is your winner, folks!  #8, Junoob. B, on the other hand, also fancies #12, Who Shot Thebarman, on grounds also noted in the ABC Form Guide: “Who Shot Thebarman, apart from having an irresistible name for once-a-year punters, is a stout staying horse from New Zealand.” That really is a possibility.


Burelli Street Wollongong  yesterday

The Opal Card readers were switched on in the local buses yesterday. We are wondering what we’ll do. Seems the pensioner Opal is a good deal for frequent users as we tend to be. Damned inconvenient that you can only buy one online or by phone.

Melbourne Cup Update

Well, there you go! Protectionist wins the 154th Melbourne Cup, Red Cadeaux second and Who Shot Thebarman third. Junoob came in 18th.