Pics and stats for the first of the month

Mission of mercy

Behind Wollongong Diggers Club yesterday around 11.30 am:



… to free a magpie which had somehow become snared by some wire!

Checking the neighbourhood

It’s not often you see unaccompanied dogs, particularly ones as cute as these two who definitely seemed to know where they were going – Mount Keira Road, 11am.


Site stats

Sitemeter for all the archives including plus this blog, now the only active one, shows October 2014 (5,142 views from 3,879 vistors) down on September (5,640/4,304) – but figures have been fairly similar for the past 12 months.

WordPress stats for this blog show 2,048 views compared with September’s 2,043 – but of course September’s daily average of 68 (best yet) trumps October’s 66.

The most viewed posts have been:

  1. Home page / Archives 1,064 views in October 2014.
  2. Barry Spurr trending on Facebook 80
  3. Barry Spurr is still trending 68
  4. Thomas – 2014 teacher of the year 44
  5. Tony Abbott-Credlin, Islam, and the burka problem… 37
  6. Anzac Girls last night on ABC 30
  7. Thomas recycled 22
  8. How I wish we had wise leadership! 21
  9. Grand Final interlude 18
  10. Is it time to save the world again? 18