This time in 2012 – can’t believe how time has gone!

Some partial recycles:

mais où sont les neiges d’antan?

Posted on October 28, 2012 by Neil…



Wollongong High’s Class of 1983 – looking towards thirty years on

There are a few people who read this blog who were in that class! I had gone by 1983, 1980 being my last year at Wollongong High – but I did teach some of these people in Years 8 or 9….

[For the sequel in October 2013 see Time travel.]

New York, New York

Posted on October 31, 2012 by Neil

Coincidentally I have been reading about the seamier side of New York City just lately:Alphaville.

The cocky and often triumphant confrontations with bad guys make “Alphaville” a strangely entertaining read. But the book is also a reminder of how far into danger and degradation New York fell in the late 20th century. Today New York is the safest major city in America. Yet the homicide rate so far this year is 15% higher than last, and the numbers for rape and robbery are rising, too. The watchword for urban safety, as for so much else, is eternal vigilance. We never want to return to the bad old days—which aren’t all that old.

That at least has made me more aware of the geography of the city, so recent reports have thus meant more to me.  I have never been there. I do know a few people who are there now. Here are two.

  • Philip Costello, a friend, and flatmate a couple of times in the 80s and 90s. “To all those who may be concerned. No damage, leaks or flooding at my home, but am affected by the big power outage that is affecting a large part of Manhattan. Have fled to the Upper West side to a friends apartment till power is restored.”
  • Jeremy Heimans – former SBHS student and all-round amazing internet person – #11 of the Top 100 Creative people in Business 2012, I see. “Sadly, #sandy is just the new normal. We’re going to face this more often & with growing severity for the rest of our lives. #climatechange” – Jeremy on Twitter four hours ago.


Not a million miles from where Philip normally lives these days…

The Water’s Edge — 1

Posted on October 28, 2012 by Neil

Leading up to the November Theme I am recycling some artistically reworked photos from the recent past. Enjoy.

FotoSketcher - P9230780a

FotoSketcher - P8130626

FotoSketcher - P7070377

Wollongong Harbour; Kiama; City Beach Wollongong.