Wollongong transformed – 21 – the new centre again


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Yes, rolling pins and kitchen colanders! What a building! See also Wollongong Central shopping centre’s grand opening and Suburban hunter blokes follow their stomachs to Wollongong Central.

…If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach then it’s quite likely that’s the way to his wallet as well.

And the food-heavy focus of GPT’s new centre on Keira Street looked to be a major reason there were more men there on Thursday than you usually see in any shopping centre.

It could have been Bunnings on a Saturday morning for all the blokes, and they were there for the sushi, the burgers, the seafood, the foot-long sandwiches and the barbecue wraps…

They might not have seen a mall like this one before, certainly not in the Illawarra.

The centre of Wollongong has been desperately in need of something different and the scene yesterday showed just how different it is.

For a population that loves familiarity as much as anything, on Thursday they embraced the difference, creating a festival atmosphere on all levels.

Cleaners were even being asked about architectural features. Windows opened and let in the fresh breeze from the east.

Blonde wood is clearly back, and let’s hope it’s here to stay this time, not just part of the fad for all things Scandinavian…