Warmish end to September

Took these yesterday from the bus stop in Mount Keira Road near Brighton Villa. See also Lost Wollongong.

Thanks to Lost Wollongong I now know it is “’Brighton Villa’ Built 1856 by Edmund Geard. Otherwise known as the ‘Christmas House’ as it is decorated each year with an amazing array of lights, scenes and decorations.”  It originally sat on thirty acres of land overlooking nearby Geard’s Hill where The Illawarra Grammar School now stands.





And on this blog

Views in September will exceed 2,000 for the first time – it’s just 20 short of that now*. The previous best was August at 1.634. The list of most viewed posts does rather explain what caused this increase:

  1. Home page / Archives 949 views in September 2014
  2. Anzac Girls last night on ABC 330
  3. Thirty years on: my coming out, among other things 26
  4. Spring? Mystery bird… 23
  5. Grand-nephews’ epic adventure 20
  6. Mainly about rabbits… 17
  7. All my posts 16
  8. On this day – 25 years ago 15
  9. Terror down under – and the Sichuan lunch 14
  10. Family history–some news on the Whitfield front 13
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  12. Brother 13
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  14. Whitfield family history update 11
  15. Grand-nephews’ epic adventure — 2 11

*1 October

Total views for this blog in September 2014: 2,041. Sitemeter stats for all the related blogs/archives excluding English/ESL: 5,573 views from 4,255 visitors.