Scotland where?

Love it:

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To repeat an old joke, if Scotland leaves, will what’s left of the UK be re-named Little Britain? (Computer says no!)

See the live blog on ABC.


My great-great-grandfather in Brechin, Scotland


My great-grandfather John H Christison


My grandfather, Roy H Christison Senior


Me being atavistic…

See also Where Scotland led, others will follow. For what it is worth, my guess is my maternal ancestors would have voted NO, had they been given the chance.


One thought on “Scotland where?

  1. As you probably know by now, I have two delightful Scottish nephews. One however lives in London and the other in Edinburgh. While the former would have liked to have voted against the motion, the younger, cleverer of the two refused to share his preference with me. To both however I simply said Scotland For Ever! I love the place and the people. More than I do the South though it is just a personal choice because I found less racism up North.

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