Wollongong transformed – 14 – Woolworths Burelli Street

This development was announced in February 2013:

…The work will involve extending the present underground car park east towards Kembla Street and building a new external parking level on top of that – where the present outside parking exists.

Wollongong architect Robert Gizzi said the $12 million project would not only give the area bordered by Burelli, Kembla and Stewart streets a facelift but was a totally local project.

Mr Gizzi said the developer and builder was Realta Enterprises, which leases the site to Woolworths.

The development will provide an additional 100 parking spaces.

There will also be a wider footpath on Burelli Street with some new retail space fronting the street in front of the car park.

“We are putting a new glass lift in for better access to Woolworths and then, facing Kembla St, there is going to be a green wall,” Mr Gizzi said.

“It is going to be a green active spine so it will be a living wall.

“As far as the car park is concerned it is all going to be environmental concrete. We are looking to build a green car park which is naturally ventilated. There is also going to be a shade structure on the upper parking level.”…

A total of 50 jobs will be created during construction with work due to be completed by the end of the year.

Well, that didn’t quite happen, did it? But now there seems to be a bit of a race on reinventing parts of The Gong, with this, the Mall and the GPT Centre all nearing completion.