Last Saturday’s lunch and 41 months…

Last Saturday I was treated to lunch in the Red Dragon Restaurant at Steelers.


Great food as ever, and very multicultural company, my companions coming from Iran, Korea, Bangladesh and Australia – albeit the last being German-Cambodian. Such a shame the whole world can’t be as harmonious as that little group in a Wollongong footie club!

Two of my companions disappeared outside every little while for a smoke. I could empathise as once I would have been joining them for sure, but when the subject was raised by one of them I did tell my story – 50 a day (preferably Benson and Hedges), then 2011 and the cardiac ward and successfully stopping if rather after the horse had bolted…

But as promised, today being by our calendar my 41 month anniversary, I will post the stats. Quitnet, my keeper of stats, calculates in US Eastern Standard time so it says I’m not quite there yet, so you should add 50 ciggies to the total.

    • 1246 days, 9 hours, 51 minutes and 24 seconds smoke free.
    • 62321 cigarettes not smoked.
    • $47,348.00 saved.