Developers, lurk merchants, Hawkeye and bangers and mash

I have a delicious feeling of schadenfreude as I read about the Liberal Party’s lurk merchants being caught out by ICAC at the moment – and it is purely personal. It goes back fifty years or so to a time when my father was trying to be a land developer in a pioneering unit project in an abandoned quarry. In fact I named the project. I am being deliberately vague as the project – still with the name I gave it – is now a Sydney suburb. The upshot is that the whole thing sent my father broke and crushed him so that he never really recovered. I left university for a year and became for a time the family breadwinner. The project had been bankrolled, in addition to my father’s small equity, by lurk merchants in the Liberal Party – except that my father didn’t realise what they were until he pinged a piece of gross dishonesty in the prospectus they had published for the project. My father then fell on his sword rather than be involved in lurk merchantry – which he despised.

My point is that corruption and dishonesty are not new in the Liberal Party. Of course one only has to say Askin to recall the more spectacular lurk merchantry of a time not long after my father’s devastating experience.

On another aspect of that side of politics, and then I promise to leave it alone. I really did savour this: it is linked to the story, which is about terminal idiocy rather than corruption:


Here is Hawkeye:

The same model as they have at Wollongong Hospital. Fortunately it finished with me by about 1pm, so I hotfooted – or rather hotbussed— to the Diggers Club for bangers and mash, which somehow seems appropriate after a heart scan.


And very tasty it was too!

I don’t get the test results until Friday, mind. But the signs appear good so far.

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