Return of the Yum Yum Cafe

You may have gathered, if you are a regular, that one of my haunts is the Yum Yum Cafe in West Wollongong – a nice morning walk for coffee and the newspapers. Alas, it was closed from Good Friday (18 April) through to this morning. They were doing some painting and other stuff down there.


And new signs…



And this is what it is about:


But alas no more until tomorrow afternoon, as I have an appointment at nuclear medicine at Wollongong Hospital for a heart scan – a follow-up to my short sojourn on Anzac Day night. No more caffeine until it is done. Better take something to read as it is five hours all up starting at 9.15 am.

I have had one before, but at a private practice not at the hospital. See my 2012 posts So this is how I passed my time from 10 am to 2 pm yesterday and Back to The Prof….

From my 2012 post