Email from Jersey, snail mail from Surry Hills, West Wollongong

This morning I had an email from Jersey, one of those nice teacher moments…


Jersey: St Helier

A long way from West Wollongong.

Hey Mr Whitfield , hopefully the English teacher I had at TIGS 1974 !? Glad to see you are still about, you popped into my thoughts yesterday, searched Google and chanced on this site. I still remember your teaching  and kindness all that time ago !
Living in Jersey (Channel Islands off the French coast ) 20 years now but  little contact with ex school mates although dropped in there 8 years ago and stunned to see Mrs Hales still there !
I do hope you are in good health and had a great career.

Yes, Stephen, I and West Wollongong are both still here. You have done well! Am I right in thinking you originally are from Dapto, or did I imagine/misremember that?



West Wollongong

In the snail mail yesterday – though Facebook had had a hand in it – I received something from an old friend:

Richard James Allen

Richard James Allen by Kyle Powderly (c) 2010

It was a copy of Fixing the Broken Nightingale, Richard’s recent book.

Fixing the Broken Nightingale contains poems of paradox, cynicism, tenderness, outrage and resignation, fleeting lust and enduring love, observation, invention and glimpses of enlightenment written by this widely published and charismatic author, whose earlier books include the critically lauded The Kamikaze Mind (Brandl & Schlesinger) and the NSW Premier’s Literary Award-nominated Thursday’s Fictions (Five Island Press), and whose previous work also includes multi-award-winning creativity for the screen, the stage and new media platforms.

Sourced that from, which is interesting in itself.

I will have more to say later, but I can say I had a good time reading the book in Diggers yesterday, and some poems immediately invited longer reading.

I have known Richard since Neos days. See Twenty years ago Neos came to an end…, except that as of next year it will be thirty! See highlights from Neos 1 and 2.