In Surry Hills last Monday — 1

The other objective of my Sydney trip was to visit my old workplace.

My association with Sydney Boys High goes back [almost sixty*] years to 1955 when I arrived as a pupil, Ken Andrews having just started his term as Principal. Then in 1985 I began teaching English there on a casual basis, after a year spent working at Harkers Bookshop in Glebe: I’ll never forget the Class of 1986! (Or the Class of 2000 if it comes to that!) For the next 20 years much (but not all) of my work was at SBHS. You can find a sample here. – *I wrote the original in 2005 and said 50! How time goes!


When I posted that on Facebook an old teaching friend — also a former SBHS student (but before me!) — noted the proposed Shared path bridge over Anzac Parade at Moore Park.


What the path will look like

It won’t affect the school much. People already stream across the park when something is on at the SCG or ANZ Stadium. Indeed the school has benefited by charging for parking on the school grounds. The major changes happened with the building of the Eastern Distributor under/down South Dowling Street and the 2000 Olympic Games.

Friday 8 September 2000 –only 7 days!!!!

Yes. Moore Park may well be finished in time. I have never seen grass appear so quickly!…

Speaking of changes proposed:


Imagine that!

The NSW government is committed to this project.

The City of Sydney council wants an extra stop considered in Surry Hills. As planned, Transport for NSW will build just one stop on Devonshire Street, adjacent to the intersection with Riley Street.

But that would leave about one kilometre between the Surry Hills stop and the next stop east, at Moore Park near the SCG, a relatively wide stop spacing for a tram line in a built-up area.

The council says one stop in Surry Hills is likely to be inadequate for the growing number of people in the fashionable inner-city enclave. In a submission to the environmental impact statement for the project, the council proposes an extra stop east of Bourke Street, close to where a large apartment block, Olivia Gardens, is planned to be dismantled for the tram line…

Yes, there is a park and an apartment block right in the middle of the proposed light rail line.


Wimbo Park and Olivia Gardens Apartments

Mind you on this thread someone quipped: “It’s a Meriton appartment building built about 1989. I have been in it. The cracks in the walls in the upper levels are over 1 inch wide. It will fall down before the tram line is built.”

So, back to the future!


Chalmers and Cleveland Sts Surry Hills c 1959