One hundred years ago or thereabouts…

Still reading Daughters of Mars by Thomas Keneally. Having read there so much about Lemnos I was interested to find this man was a patient there in 1915. That is, if I interpret the stories from The Illawarra Mercury correctly…

My father’s cousin, Norman Harold Whitfield. He ended up on Lemnos, it appears, after this incident in Egypt:

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See also. Mind you, I am wondering where Jack Rudkin was when he wrote this letter. “We are getting accustomed to bullets already, and they sing pretty close too.” Anzac Cove? If so, the withdrawal was not far off – indeed had happened by the time this story was published.

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The reference to New Guinea reflects that Norman Whitfield had taken part in the first Australian action of World War 1 as part of the  Expeditionary Force in German New Guinea in 1914. See:

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Norman Whitfield, whom I never met – he died in 1950 and by that time seems to have lost touch with our line of cousins – did go on to have a distinguished military career – Military Cross with 2 bars after all.

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See also my 2007 post Late Anzac Day thoughts. In World War 2 he reappears:


And to complete the story:

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