Tricks of memory

In May 2011 I posted:

In 1952 after my sister died Dad took mum and I to Katoomba where we all stayed at a guest house which, at the time, served nothing but minced steak in various guises – or so I announced very loudly at one meal time much to everyone’s amusement: “We’ve had minced steak in every conceivable form…!” I was nine years old at the time.

I am sure this is the guest house. No doubt the menu has improved.







Among other things I recall about that holiday is going to the movies in Katoomba and seeing Limelight. Last night I saw it again, thanks to one of the $2 DVDs I bought at the weekend. Yes, people say it is over-sentimental. This critic adds “verbose” – but I was actually rather taken with how witty and wise some of the dialogue was.  Loved it, even if I wondered how much I had taken in at the age of nine. I do remember loving the music and being intrigued by the ballet sequences – something I had never seen before.

Except it must have been 1953! That’s when Limelight was in our cinemas.

Reading Daughters of Mars I have encountered the word charabanc several times. Now it is my belief that we went in such a vehicle to Jenolan Caves via Hartley – maybe not as splendid as this one:


I know I got carsick at some point – on the way back I think.