Whatever happened to…?

In 2011 and 2012 – but especially in 2011 – I got considerable pleasure out of Australia’s Got Talent. Two of the runners-up in 2011 have been very visible more recently:

Illusionist Cosentino

Multitalented Nigerian-born Timomatic

But the winner in 2011 was Jack Vidgen, then 14 years old. Later that year he drew a large crowd here in Wollongong.

Now he is 17.


“I like to dramatically stare out of windows.” – February 2014 Facebook

According to his Twitter feed in February he was studying something scientific/medical at university. But 1 March on Facebook and Twitter he announced something much more challenging. He appears to be, I should add, a person of faith.

Hi everyone

I have been trying to decide whether to go public with this and let all of you know (as it’s not very pleasant news) but you guys have been a big part of the last 3 years of my life so here it is.

First off I had to have an MRI on Monday after being referred by a specialist the Wednesday before, it showed there was a mass lesion (tumor) behind my eye. I then saw an Ocular Plastic Surgeon who said it had to come out urgently. He is one of the best in his field and a really nice person. Then that afternoon Mum and I were at Sydney Eye Hospital waiting to to go in for this surgery. That was Wednesday. The tumor thank God is benign however they didn’t get it all out and with this particular type of tumor it is necessary to get it all out and contained in what’s called it’s capsule. If it is not then the possibility of what’s left inside turning nasty is high. So it looks like I’ll have to go back in for surgery again. I have another appointment with the surgeon on Thursday to discuss the next steps from here.

I’ve come home now and am recovering well (aka eating lots of salted caramel ice cream!). Mum took this picture when I was in hospital. I look like I’m in immense pain but I was really just asleep and drugged lol

The Daily Telegraph picked up the story and has that photo. I guess a year or two back it would have been everywhere.

I certainly wish him well. He really is talented. Hard at 17, something like this.