Stray stories of family and Australiana — 1

Been to several funerals at both these locations, particularly in the 1950s and 60s.


Anglican Church, Picton. Comes complete with ghosts.


Cemetery in Upper Picton


My great-aunt Annie’s first husband. There is a back story there well worth exploring – and Bob Starling has: Unravelling the mysteries of the Janzen – Owen – Hooke – Vacchini families : who are these three men?


Ann Elizabeth Whitfield and Tiberio Janzen Vacchini:
Marriage: 1 Oct 1902


Picton Station 1870

1863: Extended line from Campbelltown to Picton and Picton railway station are officially opened. Historians believe the Antill family’s influence and desire to bring more people to Picton prompted it to be built. It was designed by John Whitton

Those Antills pop up all over the place: see Camden Remembers, Picton NSW – The Early Years.

Three generations of the Antill family of Picton are central to this paper: Henry Colden Antill (1779-1852), John Macquarie Antill senior (1822-1900) and John Macquarie Antill Junior (1866-1937). Henry Colden was born in New York of British stock, his great grandfather Edward Antill having migrated from England to America in 1680. His father John Antill had fought in the war of American Independence. The family migrated first to Canada; Henry was in the British army in India; he migrated to Sydney on 1 January 1810; he married Eliza Wills in Sydney in 1818; settled near Liverpool, N.S.W.; in 1825 settled on his estate near Picton, named Jarvisfield; and, in 1844 he subdivided part of his estate on the north of Stonequarry Creek, as the result he made possible the founding of the town of Picton (originally known as Stonequarry). He died and was buried in the family vault at Jarvisfield, in August 1852, survived by six sons and two daughters…



My dad pointed the place out to me, and there were stories about it too – but I didn’t really listen or have forgotten…

And then there is Braidwood and tales I partly remember. Dad mentioned Quong Tart and the Nomchongs more than once.


Group portrait of the Nomchong family, Braidwood, N.S.W., 1902

See The Braidwood district’s Chinese heritage

Jews Hill 1870 ref WALLACE 10 V2

Braidwood 1880 – image from Braidwood & District Historical Society