Just a quick recycle–from the October 2013 fires

They were scary and it was really hot that week. However, our part of the world was spared the worst. Note though that we still have plenty of bushfire season left. The most salient fact about the October fires was their being very unusually, though not uniquely, early.

You will see for a lot of Australia yesterday was more than a touch warm!


PHOTO: A Bureau of Meteorology map of temperatures during the afternoon on January 1, 2014. (bom.gov.au)

You may recall that a year ago the Bureau of Meteorology added a new colour to the scale to accommodate new warming records.

Fire over the other side of our mountains

Posted on October 18, 2013 by Neil

We were never all that close, 20 or 30 kilometres over the range, I estimate. Mind you if the wind blows the right way and conditions are favourable…


Later yesterday the view from Mount Keira Road was scary enough:


From my window 5 pm


From Mount Keira Road 6.45 pm

That was but one fire centre yesterday. Springwood and Winmalee in the Blue Mountains were very badly affected. This evocative picture appeared just now on Facebook:


Even from Sydney things looked grim:


My cousin Ray Hampton Christison lives in Lithgow. …

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