Called in at The Illawarra Brewery — 2

Before being interrupted by the bushfire posts I was telling you about last Wednesday




Always a nice place to sit. Rather funny, given the grimmer predictions about today – and yes it is hot already – what they have called the seasonal beer.

The barman also gave me a taste of the current seasonal: Apocalypso. “It is made from the pale malt and new Hop varietals from the east and west coast of the USA. Calypso, Mosaic and El Dorado are added the whole way through the brew process, with the Calypso shining through presenting tangerine citrus and lychee on the nose and palette.”  Now that was very good indeed! Next time I’ll have that one.

Did I mention I saw whales? And no, they really were out there. I only had two halves of beer.

And yes, I did see whales spouting and raising their tails – but they were too far out near those islands. Too much for my camera to cope with! So I will share from The Illawarra Mercury of 14 October 2013.