On not watching “Paper Giants” and other matters…

No, I didn’t watch Paper Giants last night, though I am sure it was probably as good as everyone was saying. Why not? The story does not really interest me. Why should I bother seeing again the crapification of Oz women’s magazines into the arse-wipes they now are – even if like most I occasionally cast a look at them in the doctor’s surgery.


So instead I watched the first outing of The Observer Effect on SBS. It has promise.

Before that I watched the final part of Whitlam. Well worth it. The Khemlani Affair and the activities of Jim Cairns and Ms Morosi – in fact the whole of 1974-5 – look even weirder now. On the other hand that time was a watershed for Oz, and in so many ways for the better.

I see The Sydney Morning Herald is still following the Sydney High/Selective School story. That is interesting, that one. Good to see, I guess, that SBHS students still have voices!

Seriously sad news: the passing of a great Australian: Vale Mr Yunupingu 1956 – 2013.

3 thoughts on “On not watching “Paper Giants” and other matters…

  1. Hi Neil, Thanks for your comment last week. Sorry, I have been busy all week and should have replied sooner. I’m happy you watched The Observer Effect last week, and thought it had promise. I wonder if you saw last night’s show, and had any reaction to our guests, Bob Carr and Wendy Harmer. If you missed it, SBS should have a video of the show on their On Demand section of their website sometime today. I have posted the transcript of the Bob Carr interview on my blog. I like your blog. Cheers, Tom

  2. Yes I did watch the Bob Carr/Wendy Harmer episode and am glad you have put a transcript on your blog. Next week I will be torn, I’m afraid. The ABC’s offering does attract me — but The Observer Effect certainly deserves support.

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