Three excellent reasons not to vote for the Coalition in 2013

1. “Tony Abbott is facing internal pressure from Victorian Liberals to privatise the ABC and SBS if he wins the September 14 election amid claims both organisations are struggling to comply with their charters.”

No way, Jose! Absolutely not!

abc logo

2. “Abbott’s grandstanding on the horrendous cost and economic damage to be wrought by the carbon tax has been the most successful yet utterly dishonest scare campaign of modern times.” Ross Gittins in today’s Sydney Morning Herald.  Mind you, in typically even-handed fashion Ross Gittins gets stuck into Labor as well. I really like Ross Gittins.

3. Christopher Pyne. A good enough reason to look somewhere else. “Coalition frontbencher Christopher Pyne is urging NSW to pull out of its Gonski education deal with the federal government, saying Premier Barry O’Farrell has been ”conned”.”

Unfortunately, really excellent reasons to vote Labor escape me at the moment.